Laurence Ardies is an Antwerp – based designer who arrived at
jewellery from a 4 – generation family background in the diamond
and jewellery industry. It all started with her great- grandfather’s
diamond polishing factory . In the late 1950’s , at the early age of
18 year s old , her grandmother Clara started working in the
diamond district in Antwerp. Just a few years later she would start
her own company selling jewellery . Anne, Laurence’s mother would
join in the 1980’s.

adies laurenceLaurence took a journey searching to put her own stamp on the family legacy.
Starting with a background in Art History before choosing more focused studies such as several courses at HRD Antwerp in diamond and pearl grading. Followed by technical schooling in jewellery making and designing. This combination of studies strengthened her eye for colour and overall feeling for aesthetic s as well as a love for traditional techniques and benchwork . With a particular passion for unique and rare gemstones, Laurence is always looking to create one – o f – a – kind, colourful jewels that combine both classic craftsmanship and a youthful take on luxury jewellery. Apart from the obvious beauty of gemstones, she also highly values transparency regarding sourcing and treatments. Every piece contains only natural gems of the highest quality from all over the world.